Call for Articles

"Get Engaged 2021" is an annual essay competition to encourage debates, elicit opinions and reflections from a wide spectrum of the citizenry on important social, economic and political issues. 

The inaugural "Get Engaged 2021" is on ‘Governance in West Bengal in the 21st century’. 

The first two decades of the 21st century i.e. the years between 2001 and 2021 have been a period of extensive transformation for West Bengal. The period witnessed two distinct regimes – the Left Front and the TMC with differing political-ideological standpoints. This has been reflected in the processes of decision making, strategies of rule and accountability mechanisms. 

The continuities and changes in the governance of the state have important consequences for democracy and development.Governance influences not only how a state is ruled, but also the objectives of government, performance and achievement of targets and voices of citizens. 

The essay competition seeks to encourage critical thinking about governance in West Bengal. Submissions are welcome on any themes related to governance in West Bengal. The essay could deal with questions of changes in governance, lacunas and innovations in governance, comparative evaluation of the Left Front and TMC regimes or even a theoretical discussion on understanding governance in the state. Some indicative themes that are pertinent to governance in the state include -

 i. Reimagining Demographic Landscapes: How to Make Democracy Relatable to the Masses. 

 ii. Theorising Ideology or Idealising Theory: How to Make Ideology Relatable to the Masses. 

 iii. Caste, Citizenship and Statehood: The Resurrection and Paradox of Identity Politics in Bengal Since Last Two Decades. 

 iv. Money and Muscle: Emergence of Exhibitionist Bahubali Politics in West Bengal, 2000-2020. 

 v. Transformations in Rural Bengal in the Last Two Decades: Agriculture, Employment and Income. 

 vi. Revisiting Industrial Policy, Growth and Employment in West Bengal, 2000-2020. 

 vii. Tracing the Footloose Labour: Emerging Trends in out-Migration from West Bengal. 

 viii. The 'Other' Money: Recent Trends in Corruption and Extortion in West Bengal, 2000-2020.                         

The essays will be judged based on argument, articulation and structure. The articles should be no longer than 3,000 words including references. The best essays judged by the panel in each category will win a certificate and prize.

Submission Category -

A) Students (Postgraduate and above)
Students – Scholars  

B) Academics (school/college/universities) 
Early Career Researchers – Teachers/Faculty 
Regular contributors to journals - Authors of academic books

C) Civil Society and Literati 
Eminent writers, Poets -Writers -Editors
Film and Television personalities -Theatre personalities-Musicians

D) Open to All 


- Articles are to be around 3000 words
- Properly cited with bibliography, Chicago manual.
- To be submitted in PDF format

Please send your articles at

Last Date of Submission:- 28th February 2021